14 April 2009

Emo broken heart...

You see me coming your way..
but you do not want to be
seen with me...

i cannot let this go on..
i must put an end to it..
you did not say anything..
so i think its nothing
for me to chase you...

You have hurten me before..
but this time it will be different..
because i have no heart left
for you to break...


itisrajah said...

aku cam penah dgr la ayat2 neh.
katne eh?
lirik ape plak beb?

aming said...

mu kn berusaha cari sndri..


EpPieY said...

this is all crap..aminx tak penah emo pom./.tipoo...

aming said...

bak kata obi..

~ainun~ said...

jadah la emo2 nh..
kenapa emo..?
takkan sbb x dapat jadi imam MSI..?

aming said...

haaha lol..
ak solt sbuh single je td..