13 August 2011

Today is a better yesterday

Take a look outside,
you will see the sunshine :)


One evening, I take a walk around the city. I see a lot of people coming in and out, without realised what they are really doing. Is that really matter to me?? I asked myself. Nah, what the most important things is that I should kill time nicely to satisfied myself.

I drove my car around the city while listening to my favourite songs. Sometimes, I will take a look outside the car's windows to see if there are any something that can be attracted to my eyes. Haha..when I talk about something that attractive that means the attractive beauty girl that rode behind her boyfriend's motorcycle. And for a while, I asked myself, why these girls love so much to ride motorcycle with her boyfriend?? Is that really comfortable? Or fun maybe? hmmmm.. You better should be asked them :)

Actually, it is not some kind of jealous or whatever. It's just I want to know what the feeling when doing that. Is it like some kind of love story feeling like Jack and Rose from titanic movie?? Or some enjoyment feeling when the boy and the girl sparing like in Chinese kung fu movies?? Hmmm... Put that as a question mark.

And yet, I lied that today is better than yesterday because I know that I can never reach yesterday again, no matter how hard I try. To tell the truth, today is the same as the previous days that follow the same routine of life.

P/S: Dalam dunia ni masih byk lagi perempuan-perempuan yg cantik dan sesuai untuk kamu.Cuma 'dia' sorang tu je bukan jodoh kamu.What say you?


_ainun_ said...

post yg seyes...
nway like ur narration over a driver scene leads to a longing question.. gi kawen cepat2 la meng kalu nk merasa~~ hahah

Unknown said...

setiap org ad insan y dtkdirkn tuk jdik jdoh dia..
y pntg kne usaha..
kalo nk dpt y bek, kne la jdi bek dlu..

ainna baijan said...

xde lagi ke kambing2 tu...hehehe