15 August 2011

It's just it is. :)

How wide the ocean it is?
Begitulah syg ak pd kamu smua.hahah

You believe you can fly, but can't. You believe you can touch the sky, but you can't. It is just your imagination, playing in your head, to do what you can't do.

Today, 7pm sharp, rains drop from the sky. The breeze feels so cold, the sky slowly changes become dark. While, I am still in front of my laptop, writing this blog.Hmmm.. I talk to my heart. What should I write today? People? Gossip? Tips? Love? News? Nah.. I will put that things away. Now, I will just talk about me, yeah me, not kambing k?

Hmmm..You know, I know, they know, life is not that simple. Hidup perlukan kawan untuk saling bergantung, berhibur dan bersusah payah bersama. Bukan sekadar teman dikala senang, tp juga bantuan di saat susah. Choose your friends wisely, not just blame them bluntly. Take less, give more.

And this post, I dedicate to all my friends out there. I hope you all live the happy life for today, tomorrow and future. :)

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