12 August 2011

I think, I write, I post. It's just random.

so annoying.

7 Random thoughts of today:

                 1) I love all of my friend because they make my life full of gloom and bloom.
                 2) I love to repeat that song again and again.
                 3) I was injured my right hand
                 4) I'm not the kind who wears the hand's watches
                 5) I like when you are talking non-stop while I'm just a listener
                 6) I feel awkward to act romantic in front of girl
                 7) I tried to smile openly to others.

wake up in dream.

1 comment:

~ iEyLa mYa ~ said...

1) i like this statement :)

2) no komen

3) take care of the left hand plk

4) ms xpnting mane

5) ....

6) ??????

7) keep it up

hahahahahhaha ~